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About this event

In today’s tech-driven economy, the real estate industry is taking initiative to optimize processes not only as a mean to cost cutting but in order add value to resident experience by better serving new demands and preferences of the digitally engaged customer. This has catalyzed a shift in the real estate sector that not only embraces the implementation of new digital tools and practices but also has technology built-in strategically to new developments and schemes. PropTech, a term which combines property and technology, includes innovative tech solutions that enhance real estate operations and development. There is increasing investment in this sector as new products arise, and proof of concept heightens. As stakeholders in student accommodation, coliving, hybrid hospitality and other blended typologies, The Class Academy will accelerate knowledge exchange as our community learns from real-life cases that embrace the digital shift in new and existing shared living models.

Learning outcomes:

  • Grasp PropTech essentials that can be implemented into shared living models to streamline operational excellence
  • Co-create industry solutions for fostering new ideas to maximise resident satisfaction
  • Resident acquisition and retention via data analytics
  • Understand the added value that PropTech can bring to your people, place and planet
  • Create a high tech and high touch community


Event format:

13.00-13.30: Walk-in lunch

13.30-14.45: Expert presentation on highlighted case study and interactive panel discussion 

14.45-15.00: Coffee break 

15.00-16.30: Break-out sessions – discuss mini case studies in groups

16.30-17.00: Key learning presentations and wrap-up

17.00: Networking drinks

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